I have lots of pictures, here are few of them that I would like to share. If you would like to see ALL my pictures go to my gallery. (<--- click there)
Mama and I..
Just the 2 of us...
When I Dream
My Famous Underbite
Mama’s Hug
17 Months Old
Yard Boy
I am handsome! :p
Green Mommy and I
I’m half sky half land.
Mommy’s Handsome Boy
Mommy and I
Birthday Gear
Lots of Hugs
My New Gear
Close Up
Ready for Winter
duckie, ernie and me
Super “lil” Man
3 Little “Pigs”
Which way did it go?
A little Chubby here
“Mischievous Look”
“hmm.. what to do..”
“ATTACHED” to my mom.
Steps from Home
Where my sister lies
Just being Playful
Yep! This is home.
I’m staying.